Torfs: How a mobile-first approach resulted in better online performance

Torfs: How a mobile-first approach resulted in better online performance

The situation

Torfs’ e-commerce story was always based on customization. But as the online activities grew, the retailer had to face up to challenges concerning the performance, scalability and conversion of its webshop. The mobile version in particular left much to be desired, while 60% of the visitors came from mobile devices. Also 30% of Torfs’ turnover came from in-store kiosks. With the important end of year period that was coming, it was important to scale up and improve the customers’ experience online and on the in-store kiosks for an ultimate omnichannel approach.

The solution

To start off, we’ve created one seamless shopping experience with a mobile first approach. A customer can seamlessly continue its shopping experience from any place, any time. Customers can easily complete their online purchase on any device because the items of the shopping cart will remain available. Furthermore, we’ve mapped out the difference between the visitor’s behavior on-site and on-kiosk. These findings made it possible to customize the user experience on in-store screens. When we combined this with a smoother checkout process, simplified search and product categories, this led to conversion rate optimization.

The success


The Success

Twice the turnover of last year and the biggest weekly record in the first month

Customers find the right products much faster and can complete their order more quickly

It took just 4 months to launch the brand new platform #fastimplementation

Personalization with AI like personal search results and spot-on recommendations

"In a short period, the cooperation with FORWARD has developed into an in-depth partnership based on hard work, open communication and, above all, a great deal of trust in each other. The combination of the opportunities offered by the platform, the partnership with FORWARD and their scrum methodology gave our team a new drive which resulted in the implementation of a completely new platform in a record time of four months."

Karl Bosmans - E-commerce manager schoenen Torfs


Schoenen Torfs, founded in 1948, is a belgian shoe retailer with an omnichannel approach. They offer a wide range of affordable and fashionable branded shoes and accessories for the whole family. Torfs has more than 70 stores in Flanders and also opened a store in Libramont, Wallonia. Next to these physical stores, customers can also visit the Torfs’ webshop to shop 24/7. Since 2006, Torfs has been yearly named as one of the best employers in Belgium and they have also been regularly voted as Best Retailer in Belgium in the shoe category.

To this day, the retailer is still a 100% family business, which is translated in a number of important values within the company. Torfs wants to be a company for and by people and takes care of their stakeholders in a 360° approach. As a family business, it is in their genes to take care of each other and the society in which we live. Their sustainability policy therefore plays an important role in our mission: “360° care leads to 360° profit”.