Hellow.me by Brantano: How to boost customer experience with an online personal styling app

Hellow.me by Brantano: How to boost customer experience with an online personal styling app

The situation

FNG, the retail group behind brands such as Brantano, Fred & Ginger and CKS, actively works hard to keep track of in the ever-changing retail market. This covers one of the main challenges for Kevin Van der Straeten, who is responsible for the innovation projects and the e-commerce platform for FNG.

These days, more and more retailers become aware of the importance of continuously introducing through new innovations in the retail industry. For this reason, FNG launched a series of new technological innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, user recognition and 3D foot scans. To sustain this innovative trend, FNG continues its search for new features to keep on enhancing conversion rates and staying relevant in the market. It is all about having an omnichannel approach.

The solution

A brand new online feature FNG recently introduced for Brantano, is the personal online styling app Hellow.me. The app is a mixture of AI and human retail expertise and shows how FNG succeeds to respond to growing competition and shifting needs of retail customers.

Hellow.me is built on the knowledge of Suitcase, the webshop FNG acquired in 2017. But how does it work? Users run through an online intake process, where one declares their styling preferences by filling out some questions. Which styles and colors do you like? For what occasion are you looking for an outfit? Do you prefer jeans or a chino? After completing, stylists suggest one or more possible outfits. Next to this, customers can also book an appointment with a stylist in a physical store. As Kevin van der Straeten states: “The technology itself doesn’t suffice, you also need fashion expertise and a comprehensive product assortment. The retail group currently has different AI applications up and running, but I believe so much more is possible.”

The success


The Success

Personal online styling advice and recommendations via artificial intelligence

Immediate market feedback

Cost effective app thanks to an agile approach

"Together with FORWARD, we use an agile approach for Hellow.me, which means we launch the app in phases. First, we developed the necessary features and let some customers try out the application in an ‘isolated’ environment, so we could continuously improve the product. But even now the app is live, the optimization process continues. The more data we collect, the better the service gets. This way, we keep on building towards a strong, seamlessly working experience against a lower cost price."

Kevin Van der Straeten - FNG Group

ABOUT Hellow.me by Brantano

Hello.me is the customer loyalty program of the Belgian fashion retailer Brantano, which is part of the retail group FNG. This program includes Brantano’s loyalty card and an online account on the website. When a customer enrolls in the Hellow.me program, he or she enjoys various benefits, such as reductions when saving points, a 3D foot scan and the recently introduced personal online styling app. As mentioned in the article, customers can request a styling, where trained Style Advisors put together outfits, tailored to personal fashion preferences of the customer.