Galeria Inno: building the next online marketplace

Galeria Inno: building the next online marketplace

The situation

Galeria Inno has built a brand loyalty that is unrivaled in the country. This works as a safeguard and a guarantee for quality-seeking customers that will be delighted by the variety and possibilities of an omnichannel shopping experience. A new strategy will expand offline business to an online marketplace.

The solution

The digital marketplace solution for Galeria Inno will be provided by Forward enabling Mirakl and Salesforce. Mirakl, used by more than 250 companies worldwide allows Galeria Inno to offer a broader product catalogue managed by brands, enabling the department store on customer relationships. Together with Forward, Galeria Inno will make large steps towards a unified online customer experience. Inno’s wishes and business needs will be translated in a new design for the marketplace.

“We are proud to support Galeria Inno in being the first Belgian company to face the strong international competition head-on in this competitive marketplace landscape. We are convinced the marketplace is the go-to model for Galeria Inno to digitalize its business model in a successful way” says Evelyne Dhaenens, our commercial manager of Xplore Group.

The success


The Success

Mirakl will be the marketplace solution offering a broad product catalogue managed by more than 800 premium brands, enabling the department store to focus on customer relationships.

The marketplace products must be available for in-store pick-up and return for face-to-face customer service

"The new strategy expands our offline business to an online marketplace. This will enable Galeria Inno to become the leading omnichannel department store for national and international customers in Belgium. In other words, we will develop into a fascinating marketplace for all Belgians, where wishes arise and come true in an aspiring atmosphere that appeals to all the senses"

Armin Devender - CEO of Galeria Inno

ABOUT Galeria Inno

One of the strongest Belgian brands and a unique department store with 16 outstanding locations in all major cities and fruitful partnerships with more than 800 premium brands. Galeria Inno is the only department store in Belgium with a wide range of premium brands.

Like the fashion world, Galeria Inno has always reinvented itself so as not to be out of place and continuously develop its unique concept of brand space. And to always enrich this shopping experience, the pleasure of finding everything under one roof, Galeria Inno redesigns its stores regularly. This way they can continue to shine and bring a dynamic to the center of the major Belgian cities.