D’Ieteren Auto: How to manage a clear campaign and reporting strategy over several brands

D’Ieteren Auto: How to manage a clear campaign and reporting strategy over several brands

The situation

It is their mission to work towards a unified way of working for different brands. D’Ieteren Auto needed one overall Marketing Automation system that is accessible by their marketing team. Forward was tasked to support their campaign management within Marketing Cloud. With a clear view of working towards the large event of Brussels Motor Show in Brussels in January 2020, our Marketing Cloud Consultant was tasked to support D’Ieteren Auto with their email marketing. The final outcome of this project was a clear branding and campaign strategy for each of the brands of D’Ieteren.

The solution

D’Ieteren Auto owns several car brands such as Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi and Porsche that all set a different tone of voice towards customers. To gain more control over the brands, the emphasis was on a clear branding strategy within the different business units of Marketing Cloud. Forward’s consultant made a total of 30 campaigns over 6 months that covered newsletters, special offers, contests and launches of new cars. Multiple templates, content blocks and logos made this possible. Forward is known for sharing best practices on email and template design.

As a campaign manager, you always nurture a strong focus on reporting. Marketing Cloud offers various possibilities to gain insights from reports. Forward made strong recommendations on daily and weekly reporting for the several campaigns that were established. A steep learning curve enabled progress over these months. The impact with online marketing for both existing and new clients and growth possibilities is enormous. A strong communication with the team of D’Ieteren Auto was necessary to make this all possible.

By using Marketing Cloud, D’Ieteren Auto was enabled to build a strong brand strategy for multiple of its brands. With the help of Forward several successful campaigns were easily managed with the Brussels Motor Show as a cherry on the cake.

The success


The Success

30 campaigns for 5 different brands

Daily and weekly reports made possible to gain insights and learn from promotional campaigns

This project lasted 6 months with the Brussels Motor Show as an icing on the cake.

Multiple brands require multiple approaches. This was all managed from one place in Marketing Cloud

"As a campaign manager you nurture reporting. The impact on digital business with both existing and new clients is enormous. "

Nikki Münch - Marketing Cloud Consultant at Forward

ABOUT D'Ieteren Auto

D’Ieteren has 215 years of experience in mobility, making us a key player in the mobility of the future. This Belgian company owns brands such as Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Yamaha.

As a resolutely forward-looking company, they are continually developing a growing range of mobility products and services that go well beyond selling and distributing cars. By leveraging these products and services that meet your needs now and in the future, they stand ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. This broad ecosystem of brands, products and services is designed to make everyday life easier for you.