Top 7 new features to expect in the Salesforce Winter ’24 release

The anticipation is building as the Winter ’24 release approaches. With it comes a wave of exhilarating enhancements for Salesforce Flow aficionados. Building on the momentum of previous releases, Winter ’24 promises to introduce a slew of captivating features that will undoubtedly elevate your flow-building experience. Let’s dive into the top 7 new features to expect in the Salesforce Winter ’24 release!

Auto-layout user interface changes

Bid farewell to pop-ups! The upcoming release brings forth a transformative alteration to the user interface. Element configurations will now elegantly grace the right side of your screen, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your flow-building efficiency.

Display custom error messages in record-triggered flows

Introducing the Custom Error element – a game-changing addition to your flow-building arsenal. With this versatile tool, you can craft and display custom error messages in record-triggered flows. Embrace its potential to construct intricate validation rules, exhibit error messages within fault paths, and even impede the deletion of records. Discover how this innovative element can revolutionize your flow designs in our comprehensive guide.

Custom Error element
Filter flows in Flow Trigger Explorer

Navigating your ever-expanding repertoire of record-triggered flows is about to become a breeze. Flow Trigger Explorer, initially unveiled in the Spring ’22 release, receives a welcomed enhancement in Winter ’24. Now, effortlessly filter your flows by status, package state, or process type, ensuring swift access to the specific flows you need, when you need them.

Flow Trigger Explorer
HTTP callout supports more methods

The prowess of HTTP Callouts gets an upgrade in Winter ’24, as additional methods join the party. Building upon the foundation laid in the Spring ’23 release, where the POST method made its debut, prepare to harness the power of PUT, PATCH, and DELETE methods. Experience a newfound flexibility in integrating external resources into your flows.

HTTP callout
Transform (Beta) Element: shape your data effortlessly

Introducing the Transform (Beta) element – a veritable chameleon for your data transformation needs. Seamlessly convert source data to target data. This by leveraging a variety of resources such as outputs from actions, record variables, and Apex-defined variables. Map your data with ease using intuitive circled bullet icons or employ formulas to achieve precise transformations.

Transform (Beta) Element
More components are reactive

Reactive screen components, initially introduced in the Spring ’23 release, receive a boost with the inclusion of selection components and the display text component. While in beta, this offering empowers you to create dynamic interfaces that respond to user interactions, ultimately enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. 

Pause” element is replaced by “Wait” elements: streamlined flow control

Saying goodbye to the “Pause” element, the Winter ’24 release introduces three new “Wait” elements. The “Wait for Conditions” element seamlessly fills the void left by its predecessor. Additionally, “Wait for Amount of Time” and “Wait Until Date” elements grant you the ability to pause flows for specific durations or until predetermined dates and times. Embrace these streamlined “Wait” mechanisms for enhanced flow control.

"Wait" elements

As the Winter ’24 release draws near, the Salesforce Flow landscape evolves to offer you an array of innovative tools and features. From seamless user interface changes to data transformation mastery and enhanced flow control, this upcoming release is poised to redefine how you design and execute flows. Prepare to embark on a journey of innovation and efficiency with Winter ’24.

Stay tuned for its arrival and explore the endless possibilities that await.


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