Event – A New Day for Commerce

Thursday, March 9th 13:30 – 21:30
Westergas, Amsterdam

You don’t want to miss the first-ever “A New Day For Commerce” event!
We’re dedicating a whole day to everything commerce. You’ll get the lowdown on the latest trends in commerce, from B2C to B2B and D2C, and all the juicy details on order management and payments. We’ll show you how to maximize revenue, cut costs by an average of 26%, and drive success for you and your customers.

What is this event all about?

You’ll have the opportunity to listen to insights and strategies from a community of industry peers, partners, and experts on how to reduce costs and increase profits with Commerce Cloud. Be inspired by case studies, success stories, hands-on learning, and valuable networking opportunities that will help you unlock performance, gain efficiencies, and drive innovation.

Join us to navigate success for your commerce business and learn from your commerce community, whether you’re on the business or IT side of your organization. Salesforce organized a variety of activities and content, including meet & greets with tech experts, solution deep dives for developers and architects, and discussions on customer cases and the future of commerce.

FORWARD Highlights

The vidaXL success story:
a feature packed webshop and fast time-to-market in 34+ countries

We will have a conversation with Frank Haenen, Webshop Manager at vidaXL, about the successful execution of a proof of concept for Salesforce Commerce Cloud at vidaXL. The project was completed in just eight weeks, and within a few months, it was fully implemented in over 34 countries. As part of the project, a B2B commerce solution was launched on the B2C platform, along with other additions like subscription services and a custom auctioning engine. These achievements showcase the adaptability and potential of Salesforce Commerce Cloud in catering to the demands of different types of enterprises.

Kevin Van der Straeten – co-CEO at FORWARD

Bruno Braes – Founder & co-CEO at FORWARD
Brecht Morrhey – Solution Architect at FORWARD 
Frank Haenen – Webshop Manager at vidaXL

The FORWARD Composable Commerce Accelerator

Through insights and years of experience, FORWARD has developed a faster and more effective starting point for Commerce Cloud implementations with custom modules and pre-built components, which will save our customers both time and money while making use of our omni-channel best practices. Meet our Composable Accelerator and launch your brand in weeks rather than months.

Bruno Braes – Founder & co-CEO at FORWARD
Kevin Van der Straeten – co-CEO at FORWARD

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